Plastic- and Recycling Industry

We offer different qualities in material with which we cover all the requirements of this industry. In close co-operation with machine manufacturers and end user, we supply machines with the respective original cutting and granulating tools.

The use of high-quality materials combined with our know-how and experience in the plastic industry guarantees a product in original equipment quality (OEM).

Cutting Rotor

One of the most important components, "the heart"of
each granulator.


Pelletizer knives

Knives for hot cut / die face pelletizer (UWG) made of high material in different type of hardness



Coating or re-coating according to OEM advise


Granulator knives Recycling

Available for all major Granulators and Mills. Made according to OEM Standards


Bed knife - Cutting balde

Made of high quality material according to OEM standard Available for all major pelletizers



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