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Paper Industry

A company with a high volume and short production times needs industrial knives with a perfect performance: clean and precise cuts, with a long life time between the grindings. Schönenberger is adding another quality aspect in offering a high number of possible post-grinds. In order to meet all the requirements in specific use of paper, cardboard and paperboard Schönenberger offers three different types of carbide knives for the paper industry.
The special advantage of using carbide and powder metal knives in paper industry can not only be found in the reduced tool changing times but also in the low dust accumulation.

Crosscutting knives

The high quality Schönenberger crosscutting knives work with fixated and rotating knives

Circular lower knives

For a perfect cutting result the powder metal upper knives need the lower knives as an adequate completion.

Circular upper knives

In order to reach the elevated Schönenberger quality we merely make use of high-quality powder metals (ASP/CPMV).

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