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For each sector the right service. Plastics and Recycling, Paper, Print, oder Metall and Wood  We are glad to give you recommentations about our profesionell service for your individual requirements. Moreover, we also like to inform you about our latest product as well as news form our company. Our sparte parts are made of high quality.

Plastics and Recycling Industry

Resharpening and
repair of cutting rotor


Print Industry

Resharpening and repair
of cutting rotor Rotory knives

Spare parts

Knives for repair

Consulting / Sales

We do not only sell. It is our pleasure to talk with you about modifications or improvements 
are possible on site.

Paper Industry

Regrinding of cross cutting
knives and circular knives

Metal- and Wood Industry

Regrinding of crosscutting knives
Straightening of ASP or tungsten
carbide knives


recovering of feed rolls

wearing pad

Delivery service (Door by Door)

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