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Merely three years later the young company had outgrown the premises and moved to the first company-owned premises. The boom kept going on until in 1984 the company moved to todays location in Deizisau. Shortly after that Schönenberger started manufacturing carbide knives of their own. First they were designed merely for the paper manufacturing industry. Slowly the product range expanded to other industries such as sheeting and recycling industry.
Thanks to the excellent demand situation, an extension was necessary, which allowed a total manufacturing area of over 5,000 square meters in 1997. Whoever produces quality has to fulfill considerable amount of administration. In 2002 Schönenberger invested in a new administration complex with modern technology, organization and machine infrastructure. In the course of many decades and under the reign of the Schönenberger family an excellent reputation as reliable and innovative company with a high product quality standard has been acquired. In order to strengthen their position Schönenberger integrated the company Widia form Hardenberg (The Netherlands) with their paperknife production in 2003. Their production as well as the administration was transferred to Deizisau. Today the company is lead by José Navega who continues to further develop the ideas of the Schönenberger family with the aim of worldwide quality lead in special segments of carbide knives for industrial production of all industries.

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