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1. Specialist in product und customer service
Whoever wants to be successful in industry today must not only know the business but has to render the customer high-quality service and support his process. Schönenberger has been concentrating on the following type of business since 1969: hart metal machine knives with special qualities for various branches of industry. In the meantime we have enlarged our range of products to accessory parts and can offer a broad product range around the cutting process. Thus we act as full-range supplier in the cutting process. By extending our understanding and know-how of industry we are in the position of continuously improving our customer service.
2. Innovative power for the future
By constant further and new developments in cooperation with material manufacturers, applying companies and machine manufacturers we are known on the market as innovative supplier and are highly positioned. We are constantly investing in new machine technologies. We are clearly going the Schönenberger way. This means that our entire production consists of special systems, which we mainly produce ourselves in order to go our own production way. By doing this we can repeatedly gain new dimensions in precision and continually produce trend-setting products: innovative solutions for user problems. Furthermore, we offer service along the production chain which helps improve your process efficiency.
3. Reliability as an obligation
After placing an order is before placing an order. Only through customer satisfaction we can build long-term business relations and thus secure the development of our company. In order to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction, it is an obligation for all our employees from the Sales department to Production to fulfill all the requirements and demands of our customer immediately and punctually. Especially in problem situations we are making a point in giving our customer the necessary support and often offer several possible solutions.
4. People make the difference
In order to come up to our high requirements we continually offer our employees further education. We create an atmosphere full of openness, team spirit and dynamics. As an owner-operated independent company we follow the rules which are beneficiary to the people and we are able to react to customer demands in a flexible way and meet the continually rising market requirements. Our organization is lean so that every individual can make a high contribution and receive direct recognition for his or her excellent performance.

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