Circular bottom knives

Due to the qualitative requirements, the use of carbide-tipped bottom knives has developed in practice as an ideal complement to the powder steel top knife.

A special technique used by us guarantees the permanent connection of the carbide cutting ring with the steel body, an essential prerequisite for the production of inexpensive bottom knives and, above all, the certainty that you will not lose a Schoenenberger carbide ring in use. Just as with the top knives, very close attention is paid to maintaining dimensional accuracy and roughness on the surfaces of the lower knives. The comprehensive final inspection with special attention to plane parallelism and concentricity ensure the high quality standard and ultimately your success.

We manufacture the bottom knives with one or two carbide or ceramic rings. We stock a broad range to ensure that these knives are quickly available

The advantages

  • Reduction of dust production
  • Very long service life
  • Support for cutting problems and optimisation
  • Many types available from stock

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