Plastic Industry

Schoenenberger became involved with the plastics industry at an early stage, as a very renowned manufacturer of pelletizing systems was located in the immediate “neighbourhood”.
Together with this machine- and plant manufacturer, they developed cutting rotors with carbide inserts. This was a special field for Hermann Schönenberger, because he had already been producing carbide knives for the paper and printing industry since the mid-60s.
What began at that time with a “niche product cutting rotors” developed into a rapidly expanding and important business field.
Also through the takeover of a granulation expert, the know-how in this area grew very strongly.


Cutting rotor

Tooth profile; concentricity, and the material. These are the main characteristics that are important for a cutting rotor


Cutting balde

The premium cutting blades from Schoenenberger convince through the use of a “high performance” carbide that meets the requirements of the chemical and plastics industry. They are available for all common strand pelletisers.


Pelletizing knife (UWG)

It’s not only the hardness that counts


Granulator knife

High-quality recycling knife with tungsten carbide inlay


Feed roller

Manufacture of new feed rolls including cores and rubber covers for use in pelletizers

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