Cross cutter knives powder steel (PM)

In addition to the previously known carbide-tipped cross-cutting knives, Schoenenberger also offers cross-cutting knives made of powder steel (PM).

The advantage of a powder steel knife is also that a long service life together with a low chipping tendency ensures a very good cutting result. Polished surfaces on the cutting edges also reduce the amount of dust to a minimum. Due to years of experience with the machining of highly wear-resistant materials, we can reliably guarantee these surfaces. In addition to the surface, the straightness of the knives plays a particularly important role. A time-saving installation and a good cutting result are the result. Choose from the following qualities:

MASTERLIFE: The entry-level version in the powder steel sector. High toughness and long service life characterise this quality.

TOPLIFE: A further development of powder steel with a maximum proportion of wear-resistant components. This grade stands for a longer service life. The high breakout resistance is maintained.

Talk to us about one of these grades or in combination with carbide for the application that applies to you.


Your advantages

  • Reduction of dust formation
  • Uncomplicated blade installation
  • Very good impact sensitivity
  • Very good service life
  • No length restriction
  • 100% quality control

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