Product Area

Pelletizing knife (UWG)

Granulating knives (cutter knife) or pelletizing knives and knife-holder for your application.

Product Description

The granulating knives for the underwater pelletizing system (UWG) are available in different material qualities and different hardnesses. The most commonly used is an HSS steel, which can be ordered in a hardness range from 58HRC to 65HRC. PM steels have a hardness of approx. 58-60HRC.

Granulating knives are available for all common underwater pelletizing systems as Maag-GALA®; Nordson-BKG®; ECON®; EREMA®; NGR®

While the granulating knives are through-hardened, the pelletizing knives are thermally treated to achieve different hardness zones. This gives them a very good cutting quality, the best service life and they are flexible.

Your benefits

  • High wear resistance due to the use of quality steel
  • Available for all common strand granulators
  • Good price/performance ratio

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