Product Area

Guillotine knife / Three knife trimmer / Trimmer knife

The standard carbide knives have been produced for over 20 years for guillotine knives, three-knife trimmers and trimmer knives.

Product Description

We concentrate all our commitment on the use of carbide in paper processing and the further development of suitable carbide grades. Based on this commitment, we have become on of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium carbide paper cutting knives within the years. Especially our very close contact to our customers and to the machine manufacturers guarantees that we can continue to expand and refine our core competencies.

We know exactly what the requirement profiles are in this industry. The cooperation with the machine manufacturers enables us to develop suitable cutting systems and to actively include them in the market. This innovation has resulted in our current portfolio of a total of 4 different carbide qualities for paper cutting knives.



Quality “STD”

"STD" the perfect all-rounder.


Quality “Longlife”

Longlife is a carbide superfine grain and the further development of the standard carbide "STD".


Quality “Megalife”

MEGALIFE is our top product and is made from a carbide Submicron- grain varienty


Quality “Marathon G”

MARATHON-G the first knife from our company with a glued carbide cutting edge

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