High-performance ceramic cutting blade „CE20S“ for strand pelletizers

Deizisau, July 2023 – Schoenenberger has expanded its product range and now offers high-performance ceramics in addition to the proven premium carbide cutting blades and Stellite cutting blades. These new, innovative ceramic cutting blade complement the existing range and offer a powerful extension for demanding applications.

The use of ceramic cutting blades in strand pelletizers is not new and has been used for decades.
New is, that Schönenberger has developed the new high-performance ceramic „CE20S“ together with a renowned ceramic manufacturer.

This technical ceramic has excellent wear and abrasion resistance, which means that „CE20S” cutting blade can have a longer life than comparable ceramic materials.

Moreover, the “CE20S” has an excellent chemical stability which makes it resistant to many chemicals including acids, alkalis and aggressive process water.

Characteristic for the “CE20S” is the high hardness, achieved by a higher density of the technical ceramic, as well as the extended high fracture toughness (elasticity), which is redefined by the addition of stabilisers.

In the manufacture of our technical high-performance ceramics, we attach great importance to precise dimensional accuracy. This means that each cutting blade conforms exactly to the given specifications.

The thread is directly inserted into the “CE20S”, so there are no threaded metal bushings, which can lead to corrosion.

In summary, the new “CE20S” cutting blade is a technological advancement that is convincingly wear-resistant and extremely corrosion-resistant thanks to its extraordinary properties. The fine-grained structure and the addition of stabilizers increase the fracture toughness and the stability of the cutting edges.

The “CE20S” is available for all renowned strand pelletizer manufacturers as Maag-Automatik; Maag-Scheer; IPS and Coperion. Special dimensions can also be produced on request.

To the Company
H. Schönenberger GmbH is a successful family-owned company headquartered in Deizisau, with an additional location in Wernau, near Stuttgart. For almost 60 years, the company has been one of the leading providers of innovative premium cutting tools for the paper, printing, plastic, and recycling industries worldwide, thanks to its highly skilled employees. The name Schönenberger stands for customer proximity, quality, and expertise. To achieve global presence and direct customer contact, the company collaborates closely with experienced sales partners.


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published at 5. July 2023, last edited at 5. July 2023
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