Cross cutting kinves carbide

There are various systems with fixed and rotating knives. The installation and adjustment of these knife sets requires a lot of expert knowledge and causes downtimes. Especially for this type of cutting process, the use of carbide is recommended to reduce these costs.

We are aware of the problem of the required plane parallelism and of the importance of the smallest roughness depths on the edges of the cutting surfaces in order to reduce the amount of dust.

By using the most modern measuring techniques, we can fulfil these criteria. Our carbide cross-cutting knives are manufactured for all machine types and up to a length of more than 6000 mm without seams or joints in the carbide. As these knives are almost always used for very special products, we maintain close contact with the user and can give advice on the required geometries.

The advantages

  • Reduction of dust formation
  • Increase in service life
  • Support for cutting problems and optimisation
  • No length restriction
  • 100% quality control

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