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Maintenance of cutting rotors

Maintenance of cutting rotors

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When regrinding the cutting rotors, the tooth geometry is crucial for the quality of the polymer to be processed (pellet quality). The grinding work is carried out by qualified personnel on CNC machines according to OEM manufacturer specifications. The tooth geometry (the angles: BW; FW and FB) should not be changed arbitrarily. In coordination with our product managers, the geometry can be modified and/or improved.

The replacement of the deep groove ball bearings is necessary at each regrinding, provided that the bearings are removed from the cutting rotor shaft. The use of SKF or FAG bearings is mandatory.

Upon delivery, we will issue a quality certificate for the work performed, indicating the current condition of the cutting rotor, such as tooth geometry, diameter and concentricity.



Re-grinding of cutting rotors

Resharpening of cutting rotors

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