Re-grinding of cutting rotors

Regrinding of cutting rotors for strand pelletizers is one of the most important operations that has a direct influence on pellet quality and service life of the rotor. Therefore, it is important that this work is carried out in a careful and qualified manner.

In the case of steel rotors (WS; PM; SL) and HM brazed, the complete tooth profile must be ground in order to achieve the required results. It is important that the original angles of the tooth profile are either maintained or restored. A change of these angles can have fatal consequences for the quality of the pellets and the service life (maintenance costs) of the cutting rotor.

With almost 60 years of experience in knife grinding, Schoenenberger is one of the leading suppliers with this knowledge and experience. Using the most modern grinding machines and qualified personnel, we not only guarantee quality, but also ensure short processing and delivery times.

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